Enya is a proud single mama of two boys (a toddler named Jacob and a Weimaraner named Jason). A while back, she felt inspired after overhearing littles at a playground talk poorly about themselves. That evening, she laid out the first draft of her first book "I Am."

Children thrive on routine and repetition. By reading "I Am," children internalize these positive phrases, which not only strengthens their self confidence, but also helps them realize that is it ok to have hard days. These young, impressionable minds are our future world-changers and we need to nurture them as sweetly as possible. It is our responsibility to make tools available to them. 

Enya's brand, Minimalist Minis, started with "I Am" and has since snowballed into something bigger. Her son Jacob became the "Creative Director" because of his gifted creative mind; he is the mastermind behind many of the projects (which can be found on our Instagram page @minimalistminis) and is the inspiration behind all of our books! 

All of Minimalist Minis projects have a similar simple, yet intentional, style. Enya (who also has a passion for interior design) has always been overwhelmed by the loud and colorful toys that take up most of the marketplace. She knew she was not alone in this and wanted to create aesthetically minimal products for those like her. Not only do these products benefit the parents (hehe), they also help promote the child's creativity in an overstimulated world. Creativity leads to empowerment.

Enya is actively working on more books, which will be available here when they are ready. Follow along on our social media for up to date notices.

Thank you so much for supporting Minimalist Minis and we hope that we brighten your day!